Dec 2004
"Carolyn Wonderland DVD Project (Work in progress)"
Live multicam concert production, 20 channel audio recording, set design, lighting, editing, graphics, authoring, print design.
Nov 2004
"John Mayall Texas Roadhouse"
Live multicam concert productions and interviews
2004 - present
Townhall meetings for internet broadcast
Live multicam production, lighting, audio
"NFL Game Before the Game"
Live special event sports broadcast
Video Engineer
"NFL Player of the Year Awards"
Live multicam sports award banquet.
Video Director, Technical Director, Chief Engineer
"Moses Guest - Edit" DVD
Self publication of rockumentary live concert production interviews,
backstage and behind the scenes footage.
Live multicam concert production, 16 channel audio recording, set design, lighting, editing, graphics, authoring, print design.
2003 - 2004
"Brides World TV"
TV magazine pilot showcasing vendors and experts in the Wedding Industry.
Concept Design, Production Management, Multicam shoots, Audio, Editing, graphics.
2003 - present
"Community of Faith Church"
Weekly multicam broadcast of religious services and documentary
ENG video production of a May 2004 missionary trip to Uganda,Africa
Video Engineer, Camera Operator
"2003 Texas Inaugural Ball"
Live event multicam production of the Governor's ball.
Video Engineer, Technical director
2002 - present
"Greystar Management"
Corporate training videos
Multicam production, audio, set design, lighting, editing, graphics, authoring, print design.
2002 - present
University of Houston/Bauer College of Business
Multicam live event production, ENG production, post production and
presentation support.
2002 - present
Baker Hughes
Quarterly internet broadcasts
Multicam live event production, ENG production, post production and presentation support.
Nov 2001
KLOL Holiday Ball - Technical Director and Engineer*
Oct 2001
"Be Aware" Office Security Video Program - Production and Post
Sept 2001
Huper Optik - Installation and Company Showcase Videos - Production and Post
Aug 2001 - present
Multicam live video broadcast and to tape for repurposing. Equipment, consulting, engineering, editing, grpahics, and tech support
July 2001
"Countdown to Downtown" - multicam switched video, IMAG production and archive. video equipment, engineering, and tech support
May 2001
UTMB Town Hall Meeting - multisite, multicam, video production with intranet broadcast, HR announcements, technology, test drive capabilities, video gear, engineering, tech support, video production management
March 2001
IACC Convention Woodlands Awards Ceremony - multicam production, switched IMAG with jib, and archive, video gear, engineering, tech support, video crews,and video production management
Nov-Dec 2000
Concordia Lutheran Homecoming Game - multicam production for Boosters Club finished retail video release. Video production management, equipment, crew, post production, mastering facilities, editing, graphics, effects
Oct 2000 - present
Art Car Ball & Parade - "Art Cars Gone Wild" 90 min. documentary on Houston's Art Car Parade and Artists. 6 minute promotional piece for the 10 second Spot Promotions KUFT stock footage Canadian broadcast. Production & post production, including crews, off-line, on-line, effects, and graphics, 9 year archive on subject, executive producer Brock Allman, post facilities
Sept 1999 - 2004
"Foghat the Millennial Tour" - Award Winning (Houston International Film Festival 2000, 2001) 77 min. concert and Behind the Music Look at the 28 year old band still boogying -- last 2 concerts with lead singer "Lonesome Dave" prevert before Feb 2000 death. 2004 Rhino DVD release. Executive producer Brock Allman, complete production management, audio/video, technical production, equipment, complete post including off-line, on-line, audio, graphics, mastering, effect, and post facilities.
May 2000
Lone Star Shoot Out -- Houston Blues Society. Multicam ISO audio/video production and post of a tribute to Ervin Charges an afternoon of blues and interview remembering 40-50 years of Bayou Blues. Executive producer Brock Allman, production management, post facilities management, production, graphics, audio, video, mastering, and archiving.
May 1999-Oct 1999
"Party On Houston" - Half hour local music production pilot program. Award Winning - 2 Gold, 1 Silver (Flag Staff Film Festival 1999) Collection of locally shot performances and interviews, mostly classic rock. Executive producer Brock Allman, multicam video production from Cynthia Woods. Technical production, video production equipment, production & post production management facilities, mastering, graphics, and effects
Shell Services Intenational - Produced multicam live satellite broadcasts and tape distribution -- Town Hall meetings/announcements live from one Shell, Hyatt Regency, Houston Studios. Video production management, equipment, crews.
Nowhere's Ville - Half hour pilot and sequil of locally produced fictional irrelevant comedy/soap opera parody. Access releases to. Video production equipment, post production facilities management, co-executive producer Brock Allman.
Tips and Techniques in Paint and Effect - 3 hour training tape for retail sales on software techniques andtraining
July-Aug 2001
Performance Publishing training video
July-Aug 2001
Huper Optiks training video / stock footage
James Bonds - post production on-line -- award winning :30 spot
Shell -- Customer Centric Training / Awareness 1 & 2 - Post production facilities 1 & 2 (off-line, on-line),production
management / 1 & 2, equipment, crews
UNITED SPACE ALLIANCE - 3 minute video capabilities brochure "promotional" 2 minute employee recuiting video for tape, CD, and web distribution, post production facilities off-line, on-line, and mastering
March 2000
Legends Beads - 2:10 in-store (Penny's) point of purchase commercial video production and post

"Killing the Badge"
108 min., 35 mm film to video release, feature length off-line, audio on-line/soundtrack, video on-line, trailer, post facilities, foley, sweetening. Pay Per View, Cable release, Video Release
"Ink on Paper"
35 mm film release, short. Audio post production / soundtrack, video online.
"Little Beauties"
15 min. film and video short. Video post mastering
Feature length. Special effects, graphic titles
"Dick Clark / Prosing National Karoke Finals - Nashville Tennessee"
Video production equipment, crew


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