MEDIAPRODUCTION.COM has extensive inventory and experienced personnel for all phases of production including live multi-camera broadcasts, ISO to tape, also ENG or EFP acquisition. We utilize a wide variety of formats and specialty equipment such as jibs, dollys, and chroma-key screens.

Our flexible approach allows us to handle any aspect of production, from management of the complete project to simple equipment rental.

Studio To Go $2,500 Camera unit
3) JVC KY29D Digital Cameras
3) RM-P 3000 CCUs w/ 2) 100' & 2) 164' Cables
3) Canon 18x9 Internal Focus Lenses
3) 5" View Finders
Zoom & Focus Controls
3) Fluid Head Tripods & Handles
2) Dollies

Labor Options
Engineers......................................$450 per day
Camera Ops and
Delivery and pickup (local)............$175

S.E.G. Pack CALL Alta Pegasus 8 Input S.E.G. (y/c Input, y/c composite out), w/ 1.5 ME and 2 Linear Keyers
Sony DFS 500 4 input component, y/c and composite, I/O w/ DVEs, trails & lighting

Kramer Blackburst, Colorbar & Tone Generator
Kramer 1x10 VDA
Hamlet 301 WV Waveform Vectorscope
w/ 2 JVC TM 910SU 9" Color Monitors
Panasonic Triple 5" Black & White Monitors
2 Conrac 8" Black & White Monitors
1) 5 Station 2-Channel Clear Com w/ Base Station
Camera Package $500 JVC KY29D/BR-D40 Digital S ENG Pack withTripod, Power Supply or 3) Anton Bauer Pro Pack 14, Ultra Light 2, and Sennheiser Shotgun
Camera Package $150 Canon XL-1 DV Camcorder with XLR Adapter & Batteries
Jimmy Jib $950/day Stanton Jimmy Jib - 19' Jib, under or over sling with remote pan, tilt, zoom, & focus, for film or video
Deck $200 JVC BR-D750U Digital S Edit Recorder
Deck $175 Sony UVW-1800 Beta SP Recorder
Deck $100 Panasonic DMR-E50 DVD Recorder Deck
$500 8 input component, YC, composite, audio
sx-84 Breakout box, RS-8 switcher head, Digital disk recorder, downstream chroma / luma keyer
Sony DFS 500 4 input component, y/c and composite, I/O w/ DVEs, trails & lighting, built in frame sync


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